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Every child has most likely played with LEGO® at some point of their childhood. The astonishingly versatile design of  LEGO® bricks means that it can be re-used over and over again. This allows it to retain its material value and hence an investable commodity. It is also a very addictive toy and can also help to develop mental skills.

But naturally there will come a time when a child has grown out of it and the LEGO® is thrown in the attic and packed away in the dustbin of history for you. However, this does no longer need to happen. is one of the most comprehensive LEGO® recycling websites in the world that allows you to sell your LEGO® for cash and receive same day payments.

The company began in 2010 recycling second-hand mobile phones under the website but has since moved to the LEGO® market. Their website allows you to simple choose whether you wish to recycle LEGO® bricks or LEGO® sets and receive an instant quote.

You can then place an order to sell it and post it of to their warehouse. Once received, the company does a quality check and then pays out to your bank the same day. Its simple as that, but what happens to your LEGO® then?

What happens to LEGO® once sold?

The company segregates the LEGO® and sells the good stuff online and sends of the poor stuff to be recycled in large volumes. Due to the large demand for LEGO®, there is a decent sized second-hand market which allows people to buy their favourite LEGO® sets cheaper. Some people also need specific LEGO® bricks of different shapes and sizes to complete their projects.



gather your legoSTEP ONE – GATHER YOUR LEGO

Gather all of your LEGO®. If you have any LEGO® sets find all the parts and pack them into its original box. For the rest of the LEGO® bag it and weight it.


weigh that lego stash


Go to Sell My Lego’s website to get a quote and use the two search bars to either sell your LEGO® bricks and your LEGO® sets.


sell lego onlineSTEP THREE – PLACE AN ORDER

Once you are happy with the quote, place an order using their fast and easy website and then post it off to this address with your order number; SELL LEGO, Regal House, Miall Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK


send us that legoSTEP FOUR – SIT BACK AND RELAX

Once the company has received your LEGO® they will do a quality check and then make a payment directly to your bank account. The only time this could be delayed is if there are any problems with your sell order such as missing pieces from LEGO® sets or really degraded LEGO® condition. Either way it’s better than putting it in the bin and having unnecessary clutter in your house!

Simple, easy, and so very fast. By selling LEGO® online, you’ll have extra cash in no time!

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