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You can make money by selling your old LEGO® by the kilo. From job lots of unmatched bricks and body parts from collectible minifigures to complete sets, everything in LEGO® has a value. While what are called ‘mint and boxed’ (never used and in original packaging) items will command the highest prices, there are plenty of dealers who will buy your LEGO® even if it’s less than perfect. And there are plenty of collectors around the world  looking for spare parts to augment series and sets, and they like to buy bundles in the hope that they’ll find a gem of a piece in among the ordinary stuff.

As well as the online auction houses where LEGO® is traded, there are specialist retailers such as who will buy virtually any LEGO® as long as it’s genuine, clean and in good condition. So whether your kids no longer play with their bricks and minifigures or you have sets that are incomplete and you don’t want to spend time and effort hunting for the missing pieces, here are a few pointers to making money from unwanted LEGO®.

If you have a set you think may be worth a few bob, spend some time doing  research by looking at websites to obtain an approximate value. But remember to compare your set to similar ones for sale. Is it in a similar condition? Is yours genuine LEGO® and does it still have labels? Is it still in the original packaging?

If it’s ‘mint and boxed’ it may be worth selling it to a collectibles website. If it’s not, then shop around for the best price from a specialist retailer. But make sure your toys are genuine because they won’t buy imitation brands such as Mega Blocks and K’nex. You should be able to get around £23 for a 1kg bag of mixed bricks, but of course you’re not guaranteed a sale if you opt for an auction site.

While bags of mixed pieces do sell and are popular with collectors, bundles of bricks from the same set or range will fetch more. You could get around £50 for a 2.1kg bag of mixed LEGO Technic parts from the Advance Builder range; the same price for a bundle of flexible LEGO railway track; and around £45 for mixed pieces from the classic Space range. If you have several sets from a specific range that are missing a few pieces, it may be worth selling them together as one job lot.

The minifigures and spare body parts are worth selling separately because they are more valuable to collectors. According to the LEGO® company, four billion of the minifigures have been produced over the last 30 years and they make up the “world’s largest population of people”. So don’t throw any away because they’re missing a part - they could be worth something to someone and earn you money.

You could get around £100 for a 1kg bag of minifigures and body parts, and around £38 for a 1kg bag of accessories.

You could earn thousands for a complete set, over ten times the original price online. Among the most popular are the Star Wars range of sets as well as rare pieces. These are the sets to look out for:

  1. £3,800 - Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (2007). Originally £342.49
  2. £2,128 - Café Corner (2007). Originally £89.99. (One of the most highly-sought after.)
  3. £1,917 - Death Star ll (2005). Originally £249.99
  4. £1,898 - Imperial Star Destroyer (2002). Originally £249.99
  5. £1,278 - Taj Mahal (2008). Originally £199.99. (Another of the most highly-sought after.)

If you decide to sell through, they offer a quick and simple service. They understand the importance of recycling your unwanted LEGO® so you can do your bit to protect the environment and earn some cash at the same time. Their prices are the most competitive in the LEGO® recycling market and you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best price for your LEGO®

Their buying process is easy. Just use the search bar to enter your LEGO® set or weigh your LEGO®, round it up to the nearest weight and enter it in the search bar. Once they have received your LEGO®, they’ll check that it’s genuine, offer you a price and, if accepted, pay you via bank transfer the same day. Nothing could be simpler!

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